Botox for Depression

Botox has been in the news a lot over the last couple of decades - mostly for its incredible cosmetic use, which we're all pretty familiar with in one way or another. But did you know that Botox is also being tested for treating depression and anxiety? Let's find out...

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Debunking the Myths

A recent report from Allergan revealed that almost a third of global consumers say they are “considering a facial injectable treatment in the next year”. And Orbis Research say the global Botox market is set to reach $9840 million USD by 2025, so it’s obviously a very...

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5 top tips for selecting a Anti wrinkle Practitioner

With huge numbers of clinics opening nationally, it seems that more and more of us are now turning to Botox to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles (as well as several years). While Botox can be a great way to help create or maintain your best you, it’s important to...

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Botox or Fillers, Whats the Difference?

Both Botox and fillers are praised in the world of cosmetics for rejuvenating ageing skin. When the skin is younger, it has more elastic tissue which acts as scaffolding for the skin, making it generally smoother. However, as we age, it loses this elasticity, meaning...

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I Found Botox and I’m Never looking Back

There are lots of famous women on our screens each and every day who have had numerous treatments - and look fabulous! But I really love speaking to ‘real’ women. The women whose stories you wouldn’t usually hear. Particularly when it comes to non-invasive treatments...

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What is Medical Aesthetics?

You’ve probably heard the term used many times. So, what exactly is 'medical aesthetics?' Broadly speaking, medical aesthetics includes all medical treatments that are focused on improving the cosmetic appearance of patients. Medical aesthetics sits in a beautiful...

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Covid – 19 Treatment Consent  ***IMPORTANT***


COVID - 19 UPDATE Firstly I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contacted ABaesthetics Ltd with messages of support and encouragement, like you and many small businesses we have found the last few months extremely difficult and if it wasn't...

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SHEERSENSE Skincare Introducing SheerSense LipSense and Skincare range available to buy from ABaesthetics LTD '' LipSense® is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick or colour. As the original long-lasting lip colour, it...

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