We have some really exciting news… We have teamed up with Get Harley! – My recommended at-home regimen delivered straight to you.

So while we all are staying safe in our homes, it is important to prioritise some self-care. I am offering my patients a great new service for your at-home skincare routine to make your journey towards healthy skin educated and easy. I will recommend a bespoke plan for you and you will have the option to get your skincare products delivered straight to your home through my skincare partner, Get Harley.

Having a good at-home routine for your skin is a great way to keep your skin healthy and prepped for future treatments. Get Harley will send information, ship you products, remind you to restock, and even coordinate Q&As with me remotely.

If you would like your previous skincare plan sent directly to you or would like a new bespoke plan, please email me back so we can get you set up with your Personalised Skincare Plan.

If you would like to book a quick online consultation with me via Whatsapp / Facetime then please message me and I can arrange that for you. It’s a great way to pre your ski ready for your treatments with me plus continue with your skin regimes for longer lasting, maximising results.