Skin peels in Norwich

Our skin peel treatment enhances the overall appearance of your skin by improving the texture and drawing out the toxins which create blemishes and spots. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and areas of pigmentation. Why choose a chemical peel?

  • It’s one of the most popular non-invasive treatments available
  • Speedy treatment with no downtime
  • Can help with fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation and photo damage
  • Powerful antimicrobial.

Our chemical peels contain glycolic acid. We use Epiderma 5, a 40% glycolic skin peel which treats the top layer of the skin. It exfoliates the toxins and triggers the production of new collagen and elastin without causing any damage. It contains soothing active ingredients, botanicals and essential oils to promote skin health. We also offer a 70% glycolic skin peel.

All of our professional products require specialist training to use them safely and effectively.

This is a buffered peel – you will not be able to see any peeling with the naked eye. It can be used alongside our mesotherapy and microneedling treatments.

Which conditions can a skin peel help?

  • Acne – including reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Oily skin – regulating oily skin by reducing the amount of sebum secreted
  • Fine lines and dry skin – reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin texture
  • Pigmentation – sun and age spots and other hormonal influencers
  • Large pores – reducing the appearance of pores
  • Dull complexion – brightening your skin and improving its overall appearance.

About our skin peel treatment


This includes a consultation with Annie in our Norfolk clinic. We will discuss what you are concerned about and the results you are looking for. We will take your medical history and ask you to sign a patient consent form.


After a facial cleanse to remove any makeup, the peel is applied to the skin. You will feel a tingling sensation. This treatment is then followed with a neutraliser, recovery balm, hydration serum and finished with a 45 SPF cream. 



Immediately after this treatment there is normally minimal redness. You can go back to your daily routine.

 It is essential that you continue to wear a high SPF facial cream (we recommend at least SPF 45) and avoid strong sunlight following your chemical skin peel as treatment can make your skin more sensitive to UV light. We have a range of products available.


For best results this treatment is recommended in courses of three with 2-4 week intervals. You will generally begin to see results within 2-3 weeks of the initial treatment.


Skin peel – appointment time 45 mins

Skin peels
AHA 40% 


Skin peels
AHA 40% 

Course of 3 recommended at £180*


Skin peels
AHA 70% 


Skin peels
AHA 70% 

Course of 3 recommended £245*


*All 3 treatments must be used within 3 months of purchase date

Skin peels can be combined with Mesotherapy to aid hydration. Add an extra £20 to each peel.

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