Saxenda Weight Loss

Injection Programme

At the heart of the programme is Saxenda®, a prescription only weight loss medicine that contains the active substance liraglutide. Similar to the natural occurring hormone GLP-1 that is released when you eat, Saxenda® acts on the appetite receptors in the brain to make you feel full much sooner after eating.

You can eat much smaller portions without feeling hungry which means you lose weight without the deprivation you can feel when trying to diet alone.

Our programme is based around the Saxenda® medication but for long term success, you need to combine this with changes to your eating and lifestyle habits. Our programme includes a full package of nutritional, fitness and behavioural support with our aftercare team, giving you the tools to lose weight and importantly maintain that loss when you decide to stop using Saxenda®.

The programme has 4 phases


The first step is an in-depth consultation with Annie to assess you medically for using the medication. When medically approved, you can choose either of our medication packages.

Medication packages

You can choose either our INTRO or PACKAGE. Which you choose may depend on your weight loss target and also your budget. We can discuss with you the most appropriate dosing schedule for your weight loss target.



During the first 6 weeks of your medication course, my support will be at its most intensive, combining nutritional, fitness and behaviour modules to help you fully ingrain new behaviours and eating habits.

ongoing advice

I am here for telephone support for as long as you need. When you’ve achieved your weight loss target, you may wish to stop but many prefer to carry on with a low dose of the medication to benefit from appetite control and to maintain their weight. Saxenda® is safe for long term use.


Consultation & 1 pen

consultation 60 minutes in depth medical assessment 1 pen last 5 weeks as you titrate the dose


Follow up & 5 Pens

5 Saxenda pens lasts for 6 – 21 weeks Choose to pay in 2 interest free instalments of £225/mth*


Value Package 

10 Saxenda pens lasts 10 – 43 weeks
Choose to pay in 4 interest free installments of £200/mth*


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